C. Hill, Hermosa Beach, California

I wanted to send you a thank you for such an excellent evening last Friday :) It was quite a magical experience for us both and one we’d love to replicate soon.

I really appreciated your time and the effort, and the incredible setting.  It was first and foremost a gift to Sascha but I found myself really enjoying the whole experience too :) We look forward to our next lesson, whether private or with one of your larger groups shortly!


John Rivera, Oxnard, California

Tenia had the entire party of around 150 following her every step - unbelievable sight! I have to imagine it was a bit shocking for her as she stood onstage and looked back to see the entire dance floor filled with eager salsa dancers. Tenia, you provided us much more than just excellent salsa lessons - your professionalism, passion for dance and engaging personality made a good party GREAT for everyone in attendance! Thank you! 

Veronica E., Los Angeles, California

Hands down, Tenia is one of the most qualified dance instructors I've ever had the pleasure of taking classes from.  I took her classes every week for 4 years and I loved every minute of it.  She is detailed, creative, extremely talented, caring, funny, genuine and more importantly, so nice. She truly brings out the dancer in each of  her students.  It is obvious that she takes great pride and care in her work and this is evident every week with her footwork patterns and partner combinations she creates.

G. Tabitha, Los Angeles

Tenia is simply THE best salsa instructor I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen about 12-15. Besides being an amazing and beautiful dancer, she’s very gifted in teaching, which is rare among good dancers. She is extremely patient and takes every question seriously. She’s excellent at breaking down a complicated move into smaller pieces and explaining each piece with as much technical detail as you want.

Alon, Los Angeles

Tenia, there are several factors which clearly set you apart from different Salsa dancers and instructors with whom I have been acquainted: First, your instruction style is detail-oriented, and you do a great job breaking the moves down into simple steps. This statement may sound trivial at first; however, in my experience, it is a rare talent for anyone to be able to explain the breakdown of moves in the way you do. In other words, many great dancers do not necessarily make good teachers.