A. Moniz, Los Angeles

A couple years ago, I decided to take a Salsa Dance Class at the South Bay Adult School-Mira Costa Campus. When the teacher, Ms. Tenia Worick, entered the venue and started to teach the class, it was as though a breath of fresh air came and descended into the classroom. Tenia is a happy, joy filled, extremely talented young dancer! On the dance floor she makes the impossible seem possible! She lives for her students! It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial. 

I continue to take classes from Tenia, when I can, at the many locations she teaches: Manhattan Beach, Redondo and El Segundo. Salsa is a difficult dance with many intricate moves and it takes time and practice. I have taken my wife, three daughters and many other friends to her classes, and all have left very impressed. She breaks down the dance steps and patiently and joyfully teaches her students. We come in lacking the confidence and walk out “dancing” with the self assurance that we CAN do it. 

Tenia brings joy to a work-centered, over-worked South Bay community. Her dance classes are a good respite from the pressures of daily living and the students always leave happier after her classes. She helps couples come closer. There aren’t too many things that bring so many people together and help make life long friendships. Tenia is a rare gem. 

A. Moniz
Los Angeles