A. Campbell, Los Angeles

I started taking classes from Tenia in August of 2007, and have found them to be lots of fun, excellent learning opportunity and a wonderful exercise. 

Tenia gears her classes to her students level, starting with the beginner level, but quickly pushing the students to more advanced levels, while making sure that everyone can follow the steps and enjoy the class. She gives lots of personal attention to all the students, and her upbeat and sparkling personality make the classes so much fun! I usually find the breaks between the classes (like Winter break), way too long, and so much look forward to the next session.

She provides additional information to anyone who wants to do salsa dancing in addition to the class dancing, by letting students know about upcoming events, and encouraging them to go to clubs and practice the skills they learn in class. She will stay after the class to go over the steps if anyone needs additional time. Tenia is absolutely great!

A. Campbell
Los Angeles