Private Salsa Lessons

We offer private salsa lessons for individuals and couples in a private dance studio in Torrance. Men and women are both welcome. This is a great way to become an advanced salsa dancer in a relaxed and comfortable environment where you can learn at your own pace. An alternative to private lessons are our Salsa Bootcamps, which are 3-Hour workshops held every few months on Saturday afternoons.

What do you charge?

Private lesson price is listed below. Multiple lessons are available for a discount. If you prefer learning in a group setting, we offer a bi-monthly Beginner Bootcamp.

Private Salsa Lesson
A 1-hour private lesson with Tenia. Learn at your own pace in a private studio setting.


If you have questions about private lessons, fill out the form below or call (323) 657-7746 - se habla español.

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