G. Tabitha, Los Angeles

Tenia is simply THE best salsa instructor I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen about 12-15. Besides being an amazing and beautiful dancer, she’s very gifted in teaching, which is rare among good dancers. She is extremely patient and takes every question seriously. She’s excellent at breaking down a complicated move into smaller pieces and explaining each piece with as much technical detail as you want. After a couple years of taking lessons here and there, and not really learning much, I finally discovered Tenia. After just a few months of taking her classes, my friends started noticing a big improvement in my dancing and I finally got over my fear of dancing in clubs. Not only will you learn a lot in her classes, but you will also have fun.

Ladies, Tenia always adds just the right amount of styling to make even the simple moves look sexy. And for those slightly racy combinations, only Tenia knows how to teach them so that it doesn’t feel awkward when you’re trying it out with a stranger. Her professional attitude and sense of humor make it all a very comfortable and fun experience for everyone. I have gotten over a handful of my friends to try out her classes, and they’re all hooked now. That’s no surprise!

G. Tabitha
Los Angeles